3 Signs You Need To See An Optometrist

Many people have great vision and have never gone to the eye doctor. If you are in this category you are very lucky, and you are in the minority. It is estimated that about 75% of adults in the United States need some sort of vision correction. You can develop vision problems as you age, which is why it is important that you recognize when you need to see the eye doctor.

Hard At Play: How Chiropractic Care Can Help Active Kids

If your child plays a sport, enjoys riding his or her bicycle or skateboard, or even just runs around at recess, consider yourself fortunate. Active kids are more likely to be healthy and avoid issues with obesity that can include diabetes as they get older. But there can be issues with being active, too – aches and pains, as well as sports injuries. Your chiropractor can be a great resource in helping your kids avoid major injury and treating minor issues as they occur, so they don’t become larger concerns.