Getting Your Child The Flu Shot At A Walk In Clinic

If you are considering letting your child get a flu shot for the first time, a good place to receive it is at a walk in clinic. You may have some questions about what to expect and how effective the flu shot will be in preventing your child from getting the flu during the flu season. Here is some information that should put your mind at ease about letting your child get the flu shot.

When Should Your Child Get The Vaccine?

The flu season is between September and March and it is always best to try and get the vaccine early. If your child is under nine years of age and has never gotten the flu shot before they will require two doses about a month apart.

Can Children With Egg Allergy Get The Vaccine?

The influenza vaccine contains traces of egg protein. However, there is no need to fear the flu shot If your child has an egg allergy since the traces of egg protein are usually too small to cause an allergic reaction. If your child has a severe egg allergy then you should talk with the doctor, so that monitoring can take place after the flu shot and any allergic reaction can be treated immediately. However, a bad reaction to the flu shot for a child allergic to egg is very rare.

At What Age Can My Child Start Taking The Vaccine?

It is not recommended that children under six months get the flu shot. However, for babies older than six months who have medical complications it is recommended. Children with asthma and other lung diseases should get a flu shot to prevent illness. If your child has a heart problem, chronic illness or any illness that weakens the immune system then the flu shot is recommended.

Can My Child Get The Flu From The Vaccine?

You may be worried that your child will get the flu from the vaccine itself. This is not possible since the virus in the vaccine is inactive. The most common reaction that your child may have is pain at the site where the injection is administered and in some cases, your child will get a fever. These reactions usually subside in a day or two and an over the counter pain reliever that contains acetaminophen is usually recommended to help ease the pain and fever.

Getting the flu shot is a great way to secure the health of your child during the flu season. Do not hesitate to get your child vaccinated at a walk in clinic as soon as the flu season begins.